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    IC: C-medial 108B (for 7.1 headset)

    Speaker Diameter: Φ 50mm

    Frequency range:20Hz - 20kHz

    Rated sensitivity: -42 ±3db

    Impedance: 21Ω +/-15%

    Mic Diameter: 6mm x2.7mm

    Impedance: 2.2kΩ

    Connector: USB or 3.5mm   

    LED: RGB lighting

    Product Features:

    Hifi sound quality with special tuned 50mm speaker for gamers

    One for all.Detachable cable compatible to all devices with type c,3.5mm, 7.1 surrounding sound USB audio port such as moble pone, Xbox,ps4/5, PC etc..

    Changeable magnectic cover give choice for user DIY. Change the cover to get a different look headset.

     Fantastic gaming experience with dual mic ENC,7.1 Surrounding sound effect,RGB lighting.

    Last but not least, foldabe and detachable mic design for easy storage

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