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How to choose headphones for novices: Why are good headphones so expensive?
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I believe that many people who buy headphones online are not concerned about the brand and sound quality of the headphones first, but look at the price on the right, and then exclaimed: I go so expensive! Yes, good earphones are really expensive, and it's a world of difference from bad earphones. But don’t say that good headphones are a lie to people’s money. This time we will talk about why good headphones are so expensive?

How to choose headphones for novices: Why are good headphones so expensive?


One is that the materials of the earphones are different. The drive unit, cables, housing and magnets in the housing are the main factors for the price gap. For example, earphone A uses ordinary diaphragm, ordinary copper wire, moving coil earphone; earphone B uses graphene diaphragm, single crystal oxygen-free copper wire, four-moving iron earphone, the material is different, of course the cost is not one.

The second is the manufacturing process of headphones. In addition to good materials and drivers, the exquisite design and beautiful appearance also make the headset expensive. Top headset manufacturers will have their own design, R&D and engineering departments. The design and tuning are all meticulously crafted. A slightly more decent headset costs a few hundred yuan.

The third is profit level and value positioning. The pricing of high-end headphones is determined according to their value. Nice brand headphones can bring you value. And earphones, a consumer product, require R&D investment and continue to produce new models, so every R&D investment is quite high, and the marginal cost remains high. 

So the earphones are so small, why are they so expensive? It takes a lot of manpower and material resources to realize assembly line production behind a finished earphone.